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News: High-fat diet and age alter gut microbes and immune response, causing inflamed state in heart failure

February 28, 2019
UAB News, by Jeff Hansen

Ganesh Halade, PhD
Ganesh Halade, PhD

Growing older and a high-fat diet enriched with omega 6 fatty acids are major contributors to health risks ranging from diabetes to heart failure. How these two factors regulate the immune response is not well-understood.

News: NORC Senior Scientist Monica Baskin and Predoctoral Scholar Valene Garr Barry, UAB President’s Diversity Champion Award Recipients 2019

February 22, 2019

Four individuals and one student organization were honored with the President’s Diversity Champion Award Feb. 21. The annual award recognizes employees, students and organizations that have helped create a more culturally diverse, inclusive university community through their achievements.

Nominations are solicited from the UAB community for all categories, and awards are given in each of five categories for projects or activities that best reflect the implementation of unit and/or campus diversity goals.