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SOPH-NORC Roundtable Luncheon

Authorship Determination in Peer-Reviewed Publications

Date: Tue 9/04/2012
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, lunch included
Location: 3rd floor Lister Hill Library
Ireland Room
1700 University Boulevard
Agenda: PDF file

This informal luncheon on authorship is being offered in order to help investigators consider and negotiate authorship decisions. At this roundtable discussion, senior representatives of all five departments will offer insights as to how they navigate decisions about determining, ordering, and apportioning credit to authors. General questions and current concerns are encouraged to be discussed at the Q&A period.

Audience: All SOPH Faculty & Fellows, Office of Energetics, and all NORC Fellows.
Register: Email your interest to Richard Sarver,, or call 205.975.9169.
As lunch will be served, please RSVP prior to Fri 8/24/2012.
Moderator: David B. Allison, PhD: SOPH Dean’s Office


  1. Susan L Davies PhD: Health Behavior
  2. Michelle Fanucchi PhD: Environmental Health Sciences
  3. George Howard, DrPH: Biostatistics
  4. Michael Morrisey PhD: Health Care Organization and Policy
  5. 5. Elizabeth Delzell MSPH SD & Craig Wilson MD: Epidemiology

Some questions that will be considered:

  1. How do you determine who is an author?
  2. How do you determine order of authorship?
  3. How do you determine corresponding author?
  4. As an evaluator of faculty (e.g., tenure and promotion), how do you determine/apportion credit for authorship?
  5. How does/should this vary by journal, field, department, or institution?
  6. Do you believe there are some common misuses of authorship which should be corrected?