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Seminars from 2007

The seminar is sponsored by the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and co-sponsored by the Department of Nutrition Sciences.

Date Speaker Topic Video
January 9 Nana Gletsu-Miller, PhD
Emory University
"Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance: A Bariatric Surgery Research Model" video
January 16 Pedro Del Corral, PhD, MD "Insulin Resistance and Obesity: Effect of Glucocorticoids"  
January 23 Danielle Reed PhD
Monell Chemical Senses Center
"The Molecular Basis of Yummy: Identification of Genes for Complex Behaviors"  
January 30 John Hartman, MD, Assistant Professor
"Dissecting Phenotypic Complexity of Human Disease Pathways by Analysis of Yeast Gene Interaction Networks"  
February 6 Donard Dwyer, PhD
LSU Health Sciences Center
"Metabolic Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs: in Vitro and in Vivo Insights" video
February 13 Stephen McClave, PhD
University of Louisville
"Indirect Calorimetry: Conducting a Test and Interpreting Results" video
February 20 Jean Hine, PhD
University of Arkansas
"Does the Sugar Make A Difference to Tumor Cells" video
February 27 Robert Ross PhD
Queen’s University, Canada
"Characterization and Management of High-Risk Abdominally Obese Adults”  
March 6 Tom Thomas, PhD
University of Missouri
"Exercise and the Metabolic Syndrome with Weight Regain"  
March 13 Joel Elmquist PhD
University of Texas Southern Medical Center
"Unraveling the CNS Pathways Underlying Coordinated Control of Body Weight and Glucose Homeostasis"  
March 20 John Hall, PhD
University of Mississippi
"Pathophysiology of Hypertension in Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome"  
March 27 Gary Hunter, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
"Sarcopenia and Obesity" video
April 3 Lenore Arab, PhD
"Experience with Web-Based Eligibility Screening, Tracking and Date Collection in the Validation of Diet Day"  
April 10 Bert Boyer, PhD
University of Alaska
"Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in Alaska Native Yup’ik Eskimos"  
April 16 Regina Sims, PhD
Howard University
"Neuropsychological Correlates of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Blacks"  
April 17 Daniel Lane, PhD
John Hopkins University.
"Hypothalamic Control of Food Intake & Energy Expenditure: Role of Malonyl-CoA"  
April 24 Philip Scarpace, PhD
University of Florida
"Elevated Leptin with Obesity: Cause Or Consequence?"  
April 25 Anna Thalacker-Mercer, PhD
Purdue University
"The Effects of Dietary Protein and Age on Albumin and the Skeletal Muscle Transcript Profile."  
May 10 Stephen Kolwicz, Jr, Postdoc
Temple University
"The Protective Phenotype Assoicated with Exercise Training in the Hypertensive Myocardium."  
May 29 April Stull, Postdoc
Purdue University
"Relationships among Inositols, Glucose Tolerance, and Insulin Receptor Phosphorylation."  
May 31 Daniel Smith, PhD
University of Virginia
"The Extension of Chronological Life Span in S. cerevisiae by Calorie Restriction."  
June 21 Ishwarlal (Kenny) Jialal,MD, PhD,Professor
UC Davis Medical Center. (co-hosted by Merck & Co., Inc.)
"Diabetes is an Inflammatory State."  
July 10 Qinglin Yang, PhD, Associate Professor
Morehouse School of Medicine
"Metabolic Syndrome and Adiposity of the Heart."  
September 11 Timothy Bartness, PhD, Professor
Georgia State University
"Innervation of White Adipose Tissue." video
September 18 Ruud Schilder, PhD
University of Nebraska, Lincoln.
"Obesity in an Insect: "Simply" and Energy Imbalance?" video
September 25 Luigi Fontana, MD, PhD
Washington University
"Adiposity, Calorie Restriction and Metabolic Health."  
October 2 Matthew W. Gillman, MD, SM
Harvard Medical School
"Developmental Origins of Obesity and Its Consequences" video
October 9 Olivier Boss, PhD, Associate Director of Pharmacology
Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
"SIRT1-Activating Small Molecules for Treating Type 2 Diabetes."  
October 16 Richard D. Mattes, MPH, PhD
Purdue University
"Weight Management Through Leveraging Food/Diet Composition" video
October 30 Bruce M. Psaty, MD, PhD
University of Washington
"Drug Safety"  
November 6 Steven N. Austad, PhD
University of Texas Health Science Center
"Can Caloric Restriction Extend Human Life and Health?" video
November 13 Suresh T. Mathews,PhD
Auburn University
"Fetuin-A, A Novel Inhibitor of Insulin Action, Altered in Insulin Resistance and Diabetes" video
November 20 Eric Schadt, PhD, Senior Scientific Director
Merck & Company, Inc.
"Variations in DNA Induce changes in Molecular Network States That Drive Disease: Moving beyond genome-wide association studies."  
November 27 Peter Wilson,MD
Emory University
"Cardiovascular Risk and the Metabolic Syndrome" video
December 4 Jimmy Bell,MD, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Faculty of Medicine
Imperial College London, United Kingdom
"The Anatomical and Metabolic Geography of the Body Fat: Genetic, Environment and wishful thinking."  
December 11 Russell T. Hepple,PhD
University of Calgary, Canada
"Caloric Restriction and Aging Muscle: Why Eating Less Leaves More" video