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Seminars from 2020

The seminar is sponsored by the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and co-sponsored by the Department of Nutrition Sciences.

This seminar is held in the Learning Resource Center on Tuesdays at Noon. If you are interested in presenting a seminar, please contact James O. Hill, PhD or Julie Locher, PhD.

Date Speaker Topic Video
January 7 Matthew P. Buman, Ph.D., FACS, FSBM, Associate Professor, Arizona State University, College of Health Solutions, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology "Assessing behaviors across the 24 hours: Implications for obesity interventions targeting sleep and physical activity" video
January 14 Heather C. Hamner, Ph.D., MS, MPH, Senior Health Scientist, Maternal, Infant, and Toddler Nutrition Team, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "CDC’s Early Child Nutrition: From Birth to 2 Years" video
January 21 David Ludwig, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Nutrition. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Director, New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center, Boston Children’s Hospital "The Carbohydrate-Insulin Model of Obesity" video
January 28 Peter Katzmarzyk, PhD, Professor and Associate Executive Director for Population and Public Health Sciences at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University "Implications of Race Differences in Identifying Obesity-Related Health Risks" video
February 4 Catia Martins, PhD, Professor of Obesity and Metabolism, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology "Changes in appetite and energy expenditure with weight loss – Compensatory response that drives relapse or normalization" video
February 11 Robert W. Motl, PhD, Associate Director of Research for the UAB/Lakeshore Research Collaborativ, Professor in the UAB Department of Physical Therapy "Development, delivery, and evaluation of a remotely delivered physical activity intervention in MS" video
February 18 Philipp E. Scherer, PhD Professor Director, Touchstone Diabetes Center Department of Internal Medicine, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center "The Multifaceted Roles of Adipose Tissue: Therapeutic Targets for Diabetes, Obesity and Beyond"  
February 25 Leonard Epstein, PhD, University at Buffalo, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Division Chief, Behavioral Medicine    
March 3 Audrey Bergouignan, PhD, University of Colorado, Assistant Professor of Medicine    
March 10 Arne Astrup, MD DMSc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Department head for the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports    
March 17 Margaret Helen Zeller, PhD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics    
March 24 Christina Economos, PhD    
March 31 Molly Bray, PhD    
April 7 John L. Sievenpiper, MD, PhD, FRCPC, University of Toronto, Associate Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences    
April 14 Satchidananda Panda, PhD, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Professor    
April 21 Jack Yanovski, MD, PhD, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Chief of the Section on Growth and Obesity    
April 28 Meghan Butryn, PhD, Drexel University, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology    
May 5 Ryan Teague, PhD    
May 12 Tim Garvey, PhD    
May 19 Christie Befort, PhD, University of Kansas, Professor    
May 26 Delia West, PhD, Professor, SmartState Endowed Chair and Director, Technology Center to Promote Healthy Lifestyles (TecHealth), Faculty Affiliate, Prevention Research Center Department of the Exercise Science, Arnold School of Public Health    

* Special NORC Seminar