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Drs. Michael Miller and Bradley Yoder receive inaugural Exceptional Innovation Awards

October 26, 2011

UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center members Michael Miller, Ph.D., and Bradley Yoder, Ph.D., receive inaugural Exceptional Innovation Awards.

Michael Miller, Ph.D.
Michael Miller, Ph.D.

Bradley Yoder, Ph.D.
Bradley Yoder, Ph.D.

Michael Miller, associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology, is affiliated with the Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology Program and Cancer Cell Biology Program in the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has established an outstanding and innovative research program in the area of signal transduction in C. elegans. His lab has defined the major sperm protein as a signaling molecule that interacts with members of the Eph receptor family and the role of this signaling pathway in reproduction and nervous system function.

Bradley Yoder, professor in the Department of Cell Biology, has engaged in seminal research that has unequivocally reversed the long-held view that primary cilium — a microtubule-based antenna-like structure that emanates from the surface of virtually all cells in the mammalian body — was a vestigial organelle with no clinical relevance to human health.

Each of the winners was recognized with an honorarium of $1,000; they also will be feted with a reception at the UAB president's home, Woodward House.

"All of these honorees have contributed superlative projects, ideas or accomplishments to their academic field or our quality of life," says Richard Marchase, vice president for Research and Economic Development. "We are so fortunate at UAB to work among many great thinkers and innovators. These faculty all have broken new ground with creativity, which is what we sought to honor with these awards."

Nominations were initiated by department chairs or fellow faculty members and subjected to a screening process culminating with a review by a distinguished panel of university and community leaders. That group made the final recommendation to UAB President Carol Garrison.

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