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Drs. Nir Menachemi and Kathryn Kaiser receive 2011 Back of the Envelope Awards from UAB School of Public Health

December 07, 2011

Dr. Nir Menachemi
Dr. Nir Menachemi

Dr. Kathryn Kaiser
Dr. Kathryn Kaiser

Two UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center members have received Back of the Envelope Awards from the UAB School of Public Health.

Dr. Nir Menachemi has received the award for his proposal "Do urban parks really have an effect on pediatric obesity rates?"

Dr. Kathryn Kaiser receives the award for her proposal "Is there racial disparity in the association of obesity and depression?"

The Back of the Envelope Awards are envisioned as a mechanism to stimulate and support intellectual creativity at the School of Public Health that can lead to the next generation of intellectual excellence and productivity. These awards will allow a faculty member the time to more fully explore and develop a hunch, a notion, or an "Ah-ha". Time well spent could lead to a new line of inquiry, new collaborations, a dead end, or a Black Swan, outcomes that are at once unpredictable and therefore worthy of support.

Back of the Envelope Awards will annually award faculty members salary coverage for no less than six weeks and as long as six months depending on the discipline, idea, local circumstances, etc. Applicants must be a full time faculty member at the School.

Recipients of the Back of the Envelope Awards will be recognized at an award reception and will receive up to $10,000 for investigative expenses (appropriate travel, consultation, etc.). At the conclusion of the award period each recipient is expected to give one or more Back of the Envelope Award seminars organized by the Dean's Office to share and disseminate what became of the back of the envelope idea.