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Dr. Tamilane Blaudeau - The face of Women's Health & Fitness

January 13, 2013

Tamilane E. Blaudeau, PhD, exercise physiologist, assistant research professor, director of ES/FL internship & honors programs in the department of Human Studies, and member in the Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC), has appeared as the face of Women's Health and Fitness in the B-Metro Magazine: FACES of Birmingham 2013, page 46.

Tamilane E. Blaudeau, Ph.D.

The face of Women's Health and Fitness
"Dr. Tamilane Blaudeau has spent her professional career promoting exercise and fitness for Women. Dr. Blaudeau has a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alabama and is a nationally recognized expert in exercise in pregnancy. She has served as a consultant for NASA, the United States Navy, the Girl Scouts of America, the New Orleans Saints, and multiple large corporations. As an Assistant Research Professor at UAB in the department of Human Studies, Dr. Blaudeau teaches the fitness and exercise leaders of tomorrow and helped develop the Human Studies Exercise Science/Fitness Leadership Honors Program. She has been committed to community service and has developed and implemented programs with senior citizens and inner city youth focused on exercise through dance. For her many contributions to our community she was awarded the prestigious Odessa Woolfolk Community Service award. A national champion amateur Ballroom Dancer, Tamilane teaches the components of fitness as they relate to Ballroom and Latin Dance at UAB and serves as the Faculty Advisor for the UAB competitive Ballroom Dance Club."