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UAB Ballroom Dance Class and Club get recognition in B-Metro Magazine

March 19, 2013

Tamilane E. Blaudeau, Ph.D.Tamilane E. Blaudeau, PhD, exercise physiologist, assistant research professor, director of ES/FL internship & honors programs in the department of Human Studies, and member in the Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC), has appeared in the article "She Knows She Can Dance" in the The Magazine of Metro Birmingham Living.

Dr. Blaudeau started dancing only four years ago. But she has a gift for it. She competes with partner/instructor Sterling Burroughs, the “pro” of their pro-am partnership, and together they won two 2011 United States Dancing Championships titles in the U.S. Open/Pro-Am Rising Star American Rhythm division.

"More than anywhere else, Blaudeau has arguably had the most success promoting the health benefits of dance back on campus at UAB, where she and Burroughs teach an enormously popular ballroom dance class, she lending her expertise in exercise physiology, and he, his in ballroom dance instruction…Some of her students have been inspired to form the Competitive Ballroom Dance Society as “a group of diverse undergraduate students with a passion for social dance, competition, healthy living and community outreach.” Blaudeau hopes that all the interest will eventually lead to an official UAB competitive dance team to compete against other universities." - by B-Metro

Read UAB News: A revival of ballroom dancing brings Blazers to their feet (UAB News, January 23, 2012)

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