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UAB co-recipient of $13.5M grant for health disparities study

August 20, 2013

John  Dawson, PhD

UAB will share a 13.5 million dollar National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant with the University of Minnesota to create the National Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for African American Men’s Health (NTCC), which will be devoted to addressing health disparities. James M. Shikany, DrPH, professor in the Division of Preventive Medicine, is UAB’s principal investigator for this project.

Various disciplines—such as public health, cancer, neurology, cardiology, and surgery—likely will be involved. This wide range is especially important since African American men have not only the highest age-adjusted death rate from any cause, but also perhaps the worst health status of any race or gender group in the United States.

The NIH’s National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities will fund the center for five years. Research will target health disparities over the life course of African American men, including unintentional injuries, as well as those associated with violence, in addition to such chronic diseases as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and stroke.