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Hunter named Distinguished Professor in Exercise Physiology

March 5, 2014

Gary R. Hunter, PhD, of UAB’s Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) and Department of Human Studies, has been appointed Distinguished Professor in Exercise Physiology in recognition of his considerable accomplishments that have brought great credit to UAB. This well-deserved high honor acknowledges noteworthy academic service to UAB as a teacher and/or research scientist and/or clinician; international recognition for scholarly contribution to the individual’s chosen profession; outstanding performance of service associated with the individual’s chosen professional or academic discipline; numerous achievements and extensive peer recognition in the individual’s chosen professional or academic discipline; unstinting dedication to standards of excellence in all endeavors; and exemplary character and integrity reflecting great honor upon UAB.

Dr. Hunter—who has a long-standing history of research collaboration with many of the NORC investigators—is well established as a leading authority in exercise science, muscle metabolism, and regulation of body composition. His human research portfolio includes more than 250 peer-reviewed publications, with the past 19 years focused primarily on metabolic regulation during exercise, body composition and energy expenditure, exercise and dietary weight loss interventions in premenopausal obese African-American and Caucasian women, and exercise treatment strategies for sarcopenic older adults. His most recent completed project was aimed at the role chronic inflammation has in impaired exercise training adaptations among older women. His primary ongoing project will test the effect an acute bout of high intensity exercise has on energy expenditure, insulin sensitivity, mitochondria function, and muscle signals.

Dr. Hunter has been previously honored with such awards as the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship (2008) and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008), as well as having a Distinguished Lecture Series named after him by the Center for Exercise Medicine. His professional and community involvement includes serving on the UAB Advisory Council on Fitness; U.S. Weightlifting Federation's Scientific Services Committee; Board of Directors of Health South’s Executive Fitness and Wellness Program; and Scholarship Committee and the Research Committee of the National Strength and Conditioning Association; as well as acting as consultant to UAB’s Athletic Department, directing athlete testing and advising on training. He is also associate editor of both the Journal of Physical Education and National Strength and Conditioning Journal, and serves as reviewer for such distinguished publications as Journal of the Southern Medical Association; International Journal of Obesity; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research; Journal of Medicine, Exercise, Nutrition and Health; Obesity Research; Diabetes Care; Journal of Internal Medicine; International Journal of Sports Medicine; American Journal of Physiology; British Journal of Clinical Nutrition; and European Journal of Applied Physiology.