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UAB well represented at ASN awards ceremony

May 22, 2014

Among the outstanding scientists recognized at the recent American Society for Nutrition (ASN) Scientific Sessions & Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology 2014 were several with a connection to UAB.
Receiving Minority Affairs Committee Awards were two PhD graduates of UAB’s Department of Nutrition Sciences:

Jessica Alvarez (2011) is a former trainee, working with mentor Professor Barbara A. Gower, PhD. Dr. Alvarez’s PhD work was funded by a predoctoral training award from the American Heart Association. She is currently in the Division of Endocrinology at Emory University.


Bertha  Hidalgo, PhD, MPHMichelle Cardel (2013) is a former trainee, working with mentor Professor José Fernández, PhD. Dr. Cardel’s PhD work was funded by the Cancer Prevention and Control Training Program. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado, Denver.


Yuanyuan Li, MD, PhD, assistant research professor in UAB’s Division of Hematology & Oncology, was chosen to receive the Mary Swartz Rose Young Investigator Award, which recognizes outstanding research on the safety and efficacy of bioactive compounds for human health. Dr. Li’s research focuses on nutritional epigenetics of cancer and aging.


Anna E. Thalacker-Mercer, PhD—former postdoctoral trainee with the UAB Obesity Training Program (2007-2010), working with mentor Associate Professor Marcas M. Bamman, PhD—was presented with the Peter J. Reeds Young Investigator Award, which is given for outstanding research in macronutrient metabolism. Dr. Thalacker-Mercer is particularly interested in understanding the dynamics among amino acids, metabolites, and inflammation in the development of metabolic disease and sarcopenia. She is currently an assistant professor at Cornell University.


David  B. Allison, PhDDavid B. Allison, PhD, Director of UAB’s NORC and Office of Energetics, was honored with the W. O. Atwater Lectureship, which recognizes scientists who have made unique contributions toward improving the diet and nutrition of people around the world. Dr. Allison delivered his lecture “Energetics and Obesity: Epistemological, Evidentiary, and Social Challenges in Advancing Knowledge” at the conference. His research includes the effects of obesity and calorie restriction on longevity and mortality, genetic and environmental influences on obesity, and clinical trial design and analysis.