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Carson elected secretary/treasurer of TOS's Bio-Behavioral Research Section

August 4, 2015

Tiffany L. Carson, PhD, MPH, assistant professor in the Division of Preventive Medicine and the Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC), has been elected as Secretary/Treasurer for Bio-Behavioral Research Section of The Obesity Society (TOS). Her 2015-2016 term will begin in November following ObesityWeek 2015, to be held in Los Angeles.

The purpose of TOS’s Bio-Behavioral Research Section is “to support and encourage research on the complex interactions between biological, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence obesity, and to advocate for an approach to research, treatment, and prevention that considers and integrates both behavioral and biological aspects of obesity and obesity-related disease.” Among the stated goals of the section are to expedite interdisciplinary approaches to researching, treating, and advocating for obesity; to educate and to inform professionals, researchers, and clinicians about bio-behavioral research in obesity; to recruit and to train novice obesity researchers from diverse fields in obesity science; to distribute information regarding the bio-behavioral nature of obesity to public health officials; and to promote mentorship of young researchers in bio-behavioral research through interdisciplinary mentorship teams.

Dr. Carson is an applied epidemiologist with additional training and expertise in the development and implementation of behavioral weight control interventions for Black women. Her research focuses on the interplay of diet, stress, and the gut microbiome on risk for obesity and obesity-related diseases. Dr. Carson hopes that her research will lead to a better understanding of bio-behavioral contributors to obesity and health disparities in order to elucidate points for future interventions to reduce the prevalence of obesity.