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Brown named APHA Ethics Section Councilor

August 18, 2015

Andrew W. Brown, PhD, scientist in the Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) and the Office of Energetics, has been elected as an Ethics Section Councilor in the American Public Health Association (APHA).

The APHA, which unites members from the various fields of public health with a common goal toward improving the nation’s health, is made up of 31 main sections that “allow members with shared interests to come together to develop scientific program content and policy papers in their areas of interest or fields of practice.” Their Ethics Section provides its members opportunities to collaborate with active and retired professionals, as well as students, who are dedicated to furthering public health ethics in practice, teaching, and research.

During his three-year term, Dr. Brown will serve the section’s three objectives: catalyzing discourse about public health ethics, heightening awareness and understanding of ethical issues in public health, and serving as a resource to the larger public health community. The three objectives are, in turn, supported by working groups for interfacing with public health ethics journals, revising and promoting the Public Health Code of Ethics, and public health education. “My work focuses on nutrition and obesity, which affect all strata of the populace,” Dr. Brown said. “My service to the APHA Ethics Section will allow me to learn from other public health professionals while providing an outlet to share my experiences and expertise in support of public health.”

At UAB, Dr. Brown is currently investigating the fidelity of the reporting of obesity-related scientific literature, in addition to the strength of scientific research supporting common suggestions for affecting weight loss, weight maintenance, or the prevention of obesity.