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Congratulations to Dr. Olivia Thomas on being awarded the 2009 Back of the Envelope awards

December, 2009

Dr. Olivia Thomas There were 15 applications that were reviewed and scored by deans of other schools of public health. All of the applications had interesting and novel ideas.

The Back of the Envelope Awards are envisioned as a mechanism to stimulate and support intellectual creativity at the School of Public Health that can lead to the next generation of intellectual excellence and productivity. These awards will allow a faculty member the time to more fully explore and develop a hunch, a notion, or an "Ah-ha". Time well spent could lead to a new line of inquiry, new collaborations, a dead end, or a Black Swan, outcomes that are at once unpredictable and therefore worthy of support.

Dr. Olivia Thomas. Computer Image Analysis of Body Type. This research will produce a computer image analysis software program that could replace the BMI measure in obesity research, thereby enabling investigators to more accurately estimate adiposity in persons of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicity.

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