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Dr. Xuxia Wu wins the Best Abstract Competition at the Annual Meeting of UAB's Center for Aging

August 25, 2004

Dr. Xuxia Wu, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Nutrition Sciences, submitted an abstract for presentation at the Annual Meeting of UAB's Center For Aging. She has won one of “The Best Abstract” award in the category of Nutrition. Title of her abstract is “Muscle response to insulin is impaired in diabetic humans, in association with a defect in signaling pathway”. She will give a talk on this topic at the annual meeting held in September. Click here to read more about this study.

Dr. Wu earned her Ph.D. from Department of Clinical Medicine, Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) in 2002. She joined the Department of Nutrition Sciences at UAB in December 2003 under the mentorship of Dr. Garvey. The focus of her research is Gene expression profiling and regulation related to lipid metabolism in Diabetes and Obesity.