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2011 Odessa Woolfolk Community Service Award presented to Dr. Tamilene Blaudeau

February 8, 2011

Tamilane Blaudeau, PhD, Assistant Professor, UAB School of Education, Department of Human Studies has been awarded the 2011 Odessa Woolfolk Community Service Award. Dr. Tamilane has continually given back to the Birmingham community throughout her years at UAB of being an undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral student and now as a research assistant professor at the School of Education. Dr. Blaudeau was selected for membership in the Nutrition Obesity Research Center in 2010.

Dr. Blaudeau is an exercise physiologist and has also studied nutrition and statistics. Her emphasis as a faculty member is teaching and designing exercise and nutrition programs and in assessing and measuring body composition, and numerous components of fitness, nutrition, energy input/output, metabolism, behavior, and insulin sensitivity throughout the lifespan.

The Woolfolk Award is named for Odessa Woolfolk. Ms. Woolfolk retired in 1993 from UAB, after serving for many years as the assistant to the President for Community Affairs.