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News: UAB NORC 2016 "Creativity is a Decision" Award

September 6, 2016

The UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center is pleased to announce the recipients of our sixth annual “Creativity is a Decision Awards”. Each of the applicants chosen for the award had earlier submitted a one page description of a truly creative idea for a new research project. These were ranked by a group of outside and inside reviewers, with the top ranked proposals selected.

The selected faculty or staff award winners and their proposed projects are:

  1. Ragib Hasan, PhD – Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Sciences
    "Innovative and automated methods for activity and lifestyle data collection via wearable and shoe-mounted smart sensors and internet of things (IoT) devices"
  2. Peggy Biga, PhD – Assistant Professor, Biology
    "Egg allergy understanding from a different perspective: the hen producing the egg"
  3. Tapan Mehta, PhD – Assistant Professor, Health Services Administration
    "Clinical and Health Services Implications of Incorporating Obesity Staging Systems"
  4. Jianhua Zhang, PhD – Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Pathology
    "Sweet thoughts, lean body"

The selected postdoctoral award winners and their proposed projects are:

  1. Marissa Gowey, PhD – UAB Obesity Training Program
    "Acceptance-Based Behavioral Intervention for Executive Dysfunction in Pediatric Obesity"
  2. William Neumeier, PhD – UAB/Lakeshore Foundation Collaborative
    "Precision Medicine for Weight Loss: A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial"

The selected predoctoral award winners and their proposed projects are:

  1. Anderson Butler, II – Graduate Student, General Biomedical Sciences - Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology
    "Epigenetic rescue of cognitive and metabolic pathologies of diet-induced obesity"
  2. Lauren Adele Fowler – Graduate Trainee - Biology/NORC
    "The Role of Time-of-Day-Dependent High Fat Feeding on Obesity and NAFLD in Adolescents"
  3. Schneider, Camille - Graduate Trainee - Nutrition Sciences/NORC
    "Postpartum body composition and breastmilk hormones"