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News: Mehta to serve as Chair of the UAB Faculty Senate Research Committee

July 31, 2017

Tapan Mehta, PhD

Tapan Mehta, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Health Services Administration and the Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC), has been appointed Chair of the UAB Faculty Senate Research Committee for the 2017–2018 term. As Chair, Mehta will serve as the Faculty Senate Liaison to the Council of Center Directors and to the Council for Translational Science, facilitating enhanced communication between UAB faculty, the Faculty Senate, and the councils to improve research effectiveness and to breech any barriers. He will also attend all Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC), Senate, and FSEC-President and Provost meetings to convey the interests and perspective of faculty from across UAB and to report to the Faculty Senate about discussions and plans made by the councils.

The Faculty Senate comprises representatives from UAB’s various academic units, in addition to four officers who are elected by the faculty, with the goal to share faculty’s views and concerns to assist UAB in achieving excellence in all its activities. The Research Committee is responsible for recommending policy pertaining to the dissemination of research knowledge, such as existing and proposed research and service programs as well as existing policies and procedures that may impact not only the environment for research but also the distribution of research knowledge. Additionally, it collaborates with the Office of the Provost in collecting and reviewing applications and further making recommendations to the Faculty Development Grant Program.

Mehta is well positioned to serve as Chair on the Faculty Senate Research Committee as his research interests and projects have included from large randomized controlled trials related to telehealth to analysis of large existing datasets as well as enhancing rigor and reproducibility in research. His research portfolio has included both human and animal research.