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News: UAB NORC 2017 "Creativity is a Decision" Award

September 5, 2017

The UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center is pleased to announce the recipients of our seventh annual “Creativity is a Decision Awards”. Each of the applicants chosen for the award had earlier submitted a one page description of a truly creative idea for a new research project. These were ranked by a group of outside reviewers, with the top ranked proposals selected.

The selected faculty or staff award winners and their proposed projects are:

  1. Krista Casazza, PhD – Associate Professor, Pediatrics
    "Optimizing Performance of the UAB/US Army ROTC Warrior Athlete"
  2. Mohanraj Thirumalai, PhD – Assistant Professor, Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences
    "Conversational Agents Assisted Self-Management Program for Reducing Obesity Among People with Physical Disabilities"
  3. Brooks Wingo, PhD – Occupational Therapy
    "Diet-Induced Changes in Adipose Deposition and Metabolic Risks in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury"

The selected predoctoral award winners and their proposed projects are:

  1. Tyler R. Bell, MA – Graduate Student, Psychology – Lifetime Development
    "Applying Aerobic and Cognitive Training to Address Cognitive Function in Older adults with Comorbid Obesity and Diabetes"
  2. Shannon Boi, MS – Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences – Immunology Theme
    "Investigating the effects of obesity on CD4+ T cell function in response to immunotherapy in a pre-clinical model of renal cell carcinomal"
  3. Emma Sartin Goodman, MA – Graduate Student, Psychology – Lifetime Development
    "Promoting healthier weight through mother-infant massage"