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News: Trans-NORC Complimentary Pilot Grant Program

November 28, 2017

Recently the UAB NORC has been awarded a new award to create the “Trans-NORC Complimentary Pilot Grant” program, the goals of which are to:

  1. Foster greater collaborations among the NORCs,
  2. Seed new investigators and/or help initiate the scientific careers of new investigators in circumstances in which one participant NORC could not accomplish on its own,
  3. Seed participation in nutrition and obesity research by investigators at minority and underrepresented institutions (e.g. EPSCoR, AREA, IDeA, and COBRE eligible institutions).

Specifics to accomplish these goals:

  1. Each NORC can participate in only one grant as the submitting PI. (But may be a collaborating NORC with other proposals.)
  2. Each TNCPG application must include a PI from each of two or more NORCs, with additional investigators encouraged from underrepresented institutions.
  3. TNCPG applications will follow the usual rules of being either for a new investigator or for an established investigator working on a decidedly new topic. Note that only one of the PIs of each proposal must meet these qualifications.  For example, a new investigator at NORC A might partner with an established investigator at NORC B.
  4. Each TNCPG must involve either:
    1. At least one of the participating NORCs providing expertise, equipment, techniques, or facilities (i.e. NORC core usage) needed for the research and which are not possessed by the submitting NORC, or
    2. Two or more of the participating NORCs collaborating to achieve a needed throughput or scale of the project that one of them could not do alone.

The process to be used in this new program are:

  1. Each NORC director will solicit input from his/her membership on potential projects and then decide which TNCPGs to participate.
  2. The application is limited to two pages describing the specific aims, significance, innovation, and approach, plus additional pages describing the budget and budget justification. (NORC cores that will be used at each institution should be noted in the two-page application and in the budget, as appropriate.)
  3. The single application from a NORC will be submitted to Jeffrey Allison by January 15, 2018. [AT UAB THE INITIAL APPLICATION IS DUE BY JANUARY 2, 2018.]
  4. Applications will then be sent out to all NORC directors for scoring (minus the application from the organizations NORC), and each application will receive two written reviews.

Budgets should be less than $75,000 direct cost and are for one year.  Travel to the collaborating institution would be seen as positive and should be budgeted accordingly.

For more information on the other Nutrition Obesity Research Centers, please follow this link:

If you have questions about the program please contact me ( Any administrative questions can be addressed to Jeff Allison (