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Bisakha (Pia) Sen Ph.D.

Bisakha (Pia) Sen Ph.D.

Department of Health Care Organization and Policy
School of Public Health
Ryals 330F
Phone: (205) 975-8960

Dr. Bisakha (Pia) Sen is tenured Professor in Healthcare Organization and Policy. She specializes in Health Services, Health Economics and Health Policy Research. Her primary interest is investigating the effects of interventions, policy changes at the institutional and state/federal level, and environmental changes on vulnerable populations, particularly in the areas of health service utilization, obesogenic behaviors and substance use. Dr. Sen's research has been published in journals such as New England Journal of Medicine, Health Services Research, Pediatrics, Social Science & Medicine, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, Inquiry, Journal of Policy Analysis & Management, Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, Southern Economic Journal, Journal of Adolescence, Preventive Medicine, Journal of Mental Health Policy & Economics, Medicare & Medicaid Research Review and Contemporary Economic Policy, among others. Her research has been funded by NIH, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CDC, and the Alabama Department of Public Health. She also raised money via crowdfunding for a pilot study on gun policy research, where her efforts were featured in the New York Times and BBC.

Dr. Sen teaches classes on Health Economics and Empirical Methods for Health Services Research in the School of Public Health. She also teaches Health Economics in the Executive MSHA program, and Regression Methods in the Executive Doctoral program in the School of Health Professions. She was a recipient of the  UAB Graduate Dean’s Excellence in Mentorship Award in 2012, and a finalist for UAB President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in the same year.

Dr Sen completed her Bachelor's in Economics from Presidency College, Calcutta (India) and came to the U.S. in 1992. She received her Ph.D in Economics from the Ohio State University in 1998. She moved to Birmingham in 2002. Dr. Sen is deeply involved with the local community. She is director of the multi-cultural dance group 'Notinee', a member-sponsor of the Indian Cultural Society @ Birmingham Museum of Art, and part of the Board of Directors of The Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham. She and her husband (Mr Sanjeev Chaudhuri) were 2015 recipients of the B-metro Fusion Awards presented by the city of Birmingham.

Selected Media Articles:

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. Upadhyay, Soumya**, Bisakha Sen & Dean Smith. “The Cash Conversion Cycle and profitability: a Study of Hospitals in the State of Washington.” Forthcoming, Journal of Healthcare Finance.
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  3. Xin, Haichang, Meredith Kilgore & Bisakha Sen. "Is access to and use of primary care practices that patients perceive as having essential qualities of a patient-centered medical home associated with positive patient experience? Empirical evidence from a US nationally representative sample" Forthcoming, Journal for Healthcare Quality.
  4. Drewry, Jonathan**, Bisakha Sen, Janet Bronstein, E Mike Foster, Milton Kotelchuck & Martha Wingate. “The impact of the State Children’s health Insurance Program’s Unborn Child Ruling on Foreign-Born Latina Prenatal Care & Birth Outcomes, 2000-2007.” Forthcoming, Maternal & Child Health Journal.
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