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Past Postdoctoral Member: Cynthia M Kroeger, Ph.D.

Cynthia M Kroeger, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
WEBB 560
Birmingham, AL 35294-4410
Phone: (205) 975-9524
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Dr. Kroeger joined the Office of Energetics and Nutrition Obesity Research Center at UAB in August, 2015. Her research interests include obesity, statistics, research methods, research reporting quality, and transparency. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Rehabilitation, where she studied the effects of intermittent fasting on weight loss maintenance and cardiovascular disease risk indicators. At UAB she is obtaining further training in obesity, statistics, and meta-research methods. She is funded by the NIH (F32DK107157) to evaluate the prevalence of p-hacking and effect size estimation errors within peer-reviewed dietary supplement literature, enhance meta-research methods, and develop and test training modules designed to improve effect size estimations and data reproducibility.


Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alabama at Birmingham, August 2015 – Present
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015
B.S., Loyola University Chicago, 2009


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The trainee's projects are supported by NIH Grant Number F32DK107157 Research-Reporting Fidelity within Dietary Weight-Loss Supplement Scientific Literature.

Years: 8/24/2015 - 2017
Mentor(s): David B. Allison PhD