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Elizabeth Baker, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
1619 12th Street South
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35205
Phone: : (205) 975-5738
Full CV

I entered undergraduate school with a focus on psychology. I was interested in understanding how people worked. Before college, I had never heard of sociology. However, upon taking more and more sociology courses I came to believe that in order to understand how people work you must understand the broad social structures that impact their life and constrain choices and opportunities.

I have three main areas of research interests, which I use to understand disparities in health among various populations. These are gender, immigration, and race/ethnicity, with a focus on Hispanics. I received a dual PhD in demography and sociology; as such my research tends to focus on population level questions and incorporates demographic techniques into understanding health disparities.

I was born in Florida, grew up in Ohio, went to school in Pennsylvania, and moved here from Los Angeles, but I enjoy all of the outdoor beauty that Alabama has to offer. Besides teaching and research, I enjoy baking, NPR, and cats.

Research Interests:

Quantitative Methods, Health Disparities among Children and Adolescents, Immigration and Acculturation, Deviant Behaviors, Marriage and Family


  • AA, Owens State Community College, General Concentration
  • BA, Bowling Green State University, Sociology and Psychology
  • MA, Bowling Green State University, Applied Demography
  • Dual PhD, The Pennsylvania State University, Sociology and Demography

Selected Publication:

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