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Gary R. Hunter, PhD

Distinguished Professor
Dept. of Human Studies
School of Education
EB 205, 1720 2nd Ave South
Birmingham, AL 34294-1250
Phone: 205-934-2446



Eastern Michigan University
BS, Psychology, History, 1966

Michigan State University 
MA, Physical Education, 1974

Michigan State University 
PhD, Physical Education, 1978

Background & Interests:

Dr. Hunter is well-established as a leading authority in exercise science, muscle metabolism, and regulation of body composition.  He earned his PhD in Exercise Physiology at Michigan State University.  He then served as Director of Wellness Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before joining the faculty at UAB in 1984, where he is currently Professor of Human Studies and Nutrition Sciences, and Senior Scientist in the Centers for Aging and Diabetes Research and Training Center.

Research Program:

Dr. Hunter’s human research portfolio includes more than 200 peer-reviewed publications, with the past 19 years focused primarily on metabolic regulation during exercise, body composition and energy expenditure, exercise and dietary weight loss interventions in premenopausal obese African-American and Caucasian women, and exercise treatment strategies for sarcopenic older adults.  His most recent completed project in older women was aimed at the role of chronic inflammation has in impaired exercise training adaptations among older women.  His primary ongoing project will test the effect an acute bout of high intensity exercise has on energy expenditure, insulin sensitivity, mitochondria function, and muscle signals.

Exercise Focus:

Exercise science has consistently been central to Dr. Hunter’s research.  In addition, Dr. Hunter has a long-standing history of research collaboration with many of the NORC investigators.