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Orlando Gutierrez, MD

Orlando Gutierrez, MD Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Division of Nephrology
Phone: 205-996-2186

Dr. Gutiérrez is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine and head of the Section of Epidemiology and Outcomes Research in the Division of Nephrology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Using both epidemiologic and patient-oriented clinical research approaches, the primary focus of Dr. Gutiérrez’s group has been elucidating the mechanisms by which disorders of bone and mineral metabolism and nutrition impact outcomes in individuals with chronic kidney disease. He has received detailed training in human physiological studies including a Master’s degree in human clinical investigation from Harvard Medical School. In addition, Dr. Gutiérrez has a track record of publications, including prior feeding studies using physiological end-points, and other high-impact studies that have highlighted the associations of environmental and biological factors with outcomes in the general population and in individuals with CKD. This includes three funded projects that are currently using or have incorporated detailed feeding studies in healthy individuals or individuals with kidney disease (AHA 15SFDRN25620022, AHA 15SFRN2480000, R03 DK095005). This experience positions Dr. Gutiérrez to successfully serve as the principal investigator of this project.

Research/Clinical Interest

Mineral metabolism and outcomes
Using both epidemiological and patient-oriented physiological approaches, Dr. Gutierrez has concentrated his research efforts on the relationships between disturbances in mineral metabolism and clinical outcomes, focusing particularly on disorders of phosphorus and vitamin D metabolism and their associations with cardiovascular disease and mortality in kidney disease. He has a special interest in behavioral and environmental exposures that may modulate the impact of disordered mineral metabolism on health outcomes, particularly the emerging interface between socioeconomic status, nutrition, and mineral metabolism in health and in kidney disease. In addition to these efforts, Dr. Gutierrez is also examining the interconnections between disorders of iron and mineral metabolism, particularly as they relate to the management of anemia in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Selected Publications

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