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Named New Investigator

In order to foster the development of a new investigator in the field of nutrition or obesity research, the NORC supports a named new investigator, typically for a period of one year. The investigator must meet the criteria of the P/F study program and have an approved P/F project.

For more information, please contact
Stephen Barnes, PhD
Tel: (205) 934-7117
Fax: (205) 934-6944

2019-2020 Named New Investigator

Richard Drew Sayer, PhD Richard “Drew” Sayer, PhD: Assistant professor, Department of Nutrition Sciences
Title: Effects of Dietary Protein Intake and Resistance Training on Retention of Fat Free Mass during Weight Loss in Postmenopausal Women with Obesity
Duration: 2019-2020

Past Named New Investigator

2018-2019 Named New Investigator

Brooks Wingo, PhD Brooks Wingo, PhD: Assistant professor, Department of Occupational Therapy
Title: Comprehensive Lifestyle Intervention for Reducing Cardiometabolic Risk and Symptom Burden in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
Duration: 2018-2019

2017-2018 Named New Investigator

Marissa Gowey, PhD Marissa Gowey, PhD: Assistant professor, Department of Pediatrics
Title: Using executive function to predict outcomes and adherence in family-based behavioral weight management.
Duration: 2017-2018

2016-2017 Named New Investigator

Eric Paul Plaisance, PhD Eric Paul Plaisance, PhD: Assistant professor, Department of Human Studies
Title: Role of Hydroxycarboxylic Acid Receptor Agonists on Energy Homeostasis and Metabolism
Duration: 2016-2017

2015-2016 Named New Investigator

Nicole  Riddle, PhD Nicole Riddle, PhD: Assistant professor, Department of Biology
Title: Variation in the response to exercise - is there an epigentic component?
Duration: 2015-2016

2014-2015 Named New Investigator

Tapan Mehta Tapan Mehta, Ph.D.: Assistant professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Title: Have the Advances in Cardiometabolic Treatments Attenuated the Obesity-Mortality Association?
Duration: 2014-2015

2013-2014 Named New Investigator

Peggy Biga, Ph.D.
Peggy Biga, Ph.D.: Assistant professor, Department of Biology
Title: Role of amino acids in the epigenetic regulation of muscle growth in determinate and indeterminate growth paradigms
Duration: 2013-2014
Emily Dhurandhar , Ph.D. Emily Dhurandhar , Ph.D.: Assistant professor, Department of Health Behavior
Title: Subjective Social Status as a Determinant of Fat Accretion in Response to Weight Gain
Duration: 2013-2014

2012-2013 Named New Investigator

Paula Chandler-Laney, Ph.D. Paula Chandler-Laney, Ph.D.: Assistant professor, Department of Nutrition Sciences
Title: The use of a jaw motion sensor to objectively measure infant feeding behavior.
Duration: 2012-2013

2011-2012 Named New Investigator

Anna Thalacker-Mercer, PhD Anna Thalacker-Mercer: Assistant professor, Physiology & Biophysics (JHS)
Title: Peptide YY regulation of inflammatory signaling in primary skeletal muscle cells
Duration: 2011-2012

2010-2011 Named New Investigator

Jong-Eun Kim, PhD

Jong-Eun Kim, PhD: Research Associate Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering
Title: Childhood obesity as a risk factor for traumatic injuries: A mechanistic study
Duration: September 1, 2010 - August 21, 2011