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Comments of Nancy Weinsier Kujawinski

I would like to share with you part of a song that I wrote during my first semester of college, in 1995. Although this song was not written for my dad, I feel as though all of my songs and poetry are written because of his encouragement, his creativity, and his love.

I chose these words to share with you because over the last few weeks, I have been privileged to see how much my dad has greatly influenced the lives of so many others.

I feel so very lucky to be where I am right now
Standing among my friends, upon this sacred ground
People hold so much beauty, more than I have ever known
Voices so soft and sweet, remind me I am home

Tell me, in softest whisper. Tell me, oh do you see
If I had never met you then I would not now be me.
Someone so very different, someone who I'll never know
That is who I would have been, if I had let you go.

So, I thank you, dad, for taking the time to understand.
And I thank you for helping to make me who I am.